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1919 GALLERY: Is a 10 year experience cultural & art proyect company, with operations in Mexico City & Berlin. As seen in both specialized media outlets from Andy Warhol´s Interview Magazine to Reforma Newspaper.


ENDRI DANI (CDMX) : After presenting in the cathedral of the contemporary art, Pompidou in Paris, in collaboration with Opera Garnier, the artwork & Endri traveled to present in 1919 with Conservatorio Nacional. Curators, heads of museums and the underminister of culture attended the vernissage. Collection was purchased and it’s permanently shown in MUCEM, Marseille.


INDIANILLA (BERLIN) : Sponsored by the Martin Gropius Bau, the German contemporary art cathedral, was inaugurated by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of MX & today Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, her excellency, Patricia Espinoza. The Exposition contain artwork from the most valuable MX artist, that have presented worldwide.


POHLAND (CDMX) : In the frame of Chancellor Merkel State Visit to MX, Ms Segura was hired by the SPD (Social Democrat Party) Cultural Foundation, Willy Brandt Haus, the German Kinemathek, Jason Pohland Archive. to create an exposition & a cycle of proyections. It achieve +20,000 visitors at Cineteca.


LA RUPTURA (THE HAGUE) : Presented in one of the most vibrant and important contemporary art galleries / museum: Pulchri. With one of the judges of the international court as special guest and inaugurated by The Mexican Ambassador. La Ruptura was the movement that came after the Muralism.


LIBROS DE ARTISTA (BRUSSELS) : Presented at La Bibliotheca Wittockiana, one of the most complete and prestigious collections on handcrafted books, including some owned by Napoleon himself. The exposition called the attention of the head of Bozar, the cathedral of contemporary art of Belgium, inaugurated  by the Mexican ambassador and attended by the major of Brussels.


CARLITO DALCEGGIO: Canadian sold out show in CDMX. Carlito has had openings all around the world.

SANDRA PANI: Mexican top artist with artwork previously shown in Diego Rivera´s Museum, Anahuacalli and Claustro de Sor Juana.

KAHN: Finnish, Turkish and German Artist, representants of the 3 embassies attended to the great music performance and exposition.




JORGE ROSANO AND GRACIELA MARIA :  Both super talented artists. Graciela is a great musician and singer and Jorge is a super interesting visual artist. They presented a great performance together in Berlin.


DANIEL LAVOIE:  Canadian visual artist. It was a sold out show, he lives in Berlin.




CLAUDIA APEL: Photographer from Hamburg, sold out in CDMX.

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